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All companies with commercial activity operating in Andorra must register in the Trade Registry


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Tax Advice Services

In 2011, Andorra fulfilled its political commitment to carry out a standardization of its fiscal framework under the application of the OCDE standards concerning transparency and the effective exchange of information.  For this reason, the OCDE Committee on Tax Matters decided to remove Andorra from its list of tax havens and uncooperative countries with regard to tax information exchange.

The most relevant actions to bring these changes into effect have been:

- The monetary Agreement with the European Union (30 June 2011).

- The prevention of money laundering, fraud and forgery.

- The standardization of the banking and financial legislation.

- The Agreement with the French Republic to prevent double taxation (4 April 2012)

- The Agreement with Luxemburg to prevent double taxation (2 June 2014)

These facts have reinforced the international trust towards Andorra as a standardized and conventional country. The double taxation treaty with Spain is currently under negotiation and is foreseen to come into force before the end of 2014.

Given the situation that surrounds these historical events and the extensive knowledge of Augé Grup’s professional team as regards national and international taxation, we are able to provide comprehensive advice through a global vision of the tax burden endured by the business structure of our clients, and to analyse and prepare a planning and activities strategy, which enables us to save and optimise the generated economic resources.

 National Taxation, Management and Optimization

Our Tax Department has a special understanding of the Andorran tax system and its new taxation matters. Andorran companies must comply with their tax obligations and Augé Grup can help with such compliance.

Tax management

- General indirect tax (VAT).

- Company tax.

- Nonresidents tax.

- Personal income tax (in 2015).


- Property transfer tax.

- Real estate gains tax.

- Tenancy gains tax.

- Other rates and charges.

We also provide international advisory assistance due to the fact that many of our clients hold international structures and therefore aim to comply with the applicable tax obligations at a group level from an optimization point of view.

The fact that Andorra is outside the European Union has some great advantages from a taxation point of view but this also generates unknown procedures enabling operations under high levels of guarantee and tax saving policies.

Our experience, alongside our versatile and very specialist team, allows us to offer a wide range of services with regard to business structuring, setting up international structures and international trade. We are also knowledgeable on the different offshore and onshore jurisdictions via our network of collaborators.

- Advice on international trade transactions.

- Intangible asset structures (exploitation of trademarks, patents and copyrights).

- Optimization of e-commerce structures.

- Organization of business expansion strategies.

- Use of multijurisdictional advantages.

- Repatriation of incomes (dividends, royalties and interests).

- Wealth planning.

- Real-estate transactions.

Management of International Operations

Given the new legal and tax framework that Andorra enjoys, as well as the important competitive benefits that this involves, our country is a wonderful platform to launch the successful management of international operations.
For many years, our group has been providing advice about international trade operations and others which are being strategically considered to invest in new markets and, conversely, to take advantage of the Andorran stage to open up to outside markets. In this context, the Augé Grup offers a range of very beneficial services, and the capacity to manage logistics and to create connections and links of clients with common interests, thereby developing important synergy networks of high business and strategic value.
It is important to mention that Andorra is very attractive to international businesses interested in taking part in the opening of new markets through optimal structures and with the invaluable logistical coverage of our team.

Corporate Services: Trade, Tax, Accounting and Employment

Our trade services encompass the whole lifespan of companies: their conception (incorporation, establishment of agreements between members/shareholders, establishment of management bodies and control, financial planning), their daily management (contracting, modifying by-laws, monitoring and preparing company meetings, studying and preparing business restructures), their problems or crises (bankruptcy proceedings, feasibility studies), etc.
We provide companies with business support and backing to comply with tax, accounting and employment obligations, by professionally covering them for their tax returns: preparing, monitoring and submitting annual accounts and managing staff changes, employer’s contributions, preparing contracts and comprehensive advice on any manner of employment issue.