1. The foreigner person who applies to permanently reside in Andorra and carry out a self-employed activity can obtain a residence and self-employment authorization from immigration.
  2. In order to get the authorizations from immigration the foreigner must meet the following conditions:
    • Having obtained the foreign investments authorization needed to form an Andorran company where the person has participation higher than the 10%. The company of reference also needs to be legally formed.
    • Having a position in the administrative body of the same society.
    • After maximum 3 months since the date of entry of the immigration authorization application, give proof that the legally formed company is the owner of a duly registered and working company in Andorra. The commercial activity must be proved through the income generated by the commerce and the company.


  • Health coverage in the country
  • Optional family reunification.
  • Access to the Labor Inspection Service.
  • Access to the Employment Service.
  • Access to Catalan courses for adults given by the area of Training for Adults.


  • Always bring the Immigration authorization with you.
  • Admission to the Caixa Andorrana de la Segueretat Social.
  • Inform about the change of address, company, civil status and others.
  • Registration to the Common of the parish of residence.
  • Registration to the consulate of the home country.
  • Official approval of the driving license from the Government’s Transit Service.
  • Change the license plate of your vehicle in a maximum period of twelve months.
  • Request the termination from the country when you leave Andorra.

The affiliation to the Caixa Andorrana de la Seguretat Social (CASS) is mandatory for every salaried employee, assimilated employee and all workers realizing a self-employed activity. The contribution of the salaried and assimilated employees implies a charge that goes from the 5’5% to the 10’5% per salaried employee and the 14’5% for the business owner.


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