The spokesman Jordi Cinca announced yesterday that the French Assembly will approve the No Double Taxation Agreement, DTA, on March 5th. This will be the third time the text is presented to the Assembly, after being refused twice by the Senate.

Cinca talked about the risk of the document being refused if there was no approval from the French Upper House. During the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the government spokesman explained that the French parliamentary system establishes that this type of treaty must pass the approval of both chambers and, if it is not possible, in the third round it only needs to be ratified by the Assembly. Cinca insisted in the fact that the DTA being refused twice by the Franch Senate “is a very intern matter” and that Andorran Government “is no one to value the politic dynamics of a neighbor country”.

The government assured the negative vote of the conservative formation UMP “in no case questioned Andorra” and the debate was related to the clause included in the DTA in case France ever approves a law that requires “the nationals to pay in their country of origin no matter where they live, as it is done in the United States of America, for example”.

The government emphasized the “flattering speeches” of the members of the French Parliament towards Andorra, which disassociated the approval of the DTA in France with any problem with the Principality of Andorra.

The spokesman also congratulated the country for the signature of the DTA with France and Spain because they are “the two referent neighbor countries in the European Union and this is the reason why they are important”.