TAX ANDORRA puts an accounting, labor and legal team at your disposal in order to offer you a service that includes the production of your accounting, the processing and preparation of the tax statements and the management of all types of fiscal, labor and legal subjects.

Our job will consist in producing your accounting, giving the company support in the fiscal management and the accomplishment of all the requirements of the new Andorran legislative framework in accounting and fiscal matters.

The ultimate objectives of this job will be:

The production of the Company’s accounting

The production of the annual accounts on its closure and deposit

Declaration and liquidation of direct, indirect and communal taxes

Fiscal information

Our services supply:

  • 1-The production of the Company’s accounting
    • Register in the journal, all the economic facts in a chronological order as it is required by the Entrepreneurs Accounting Law
    • Perform financial settlements, calculation of provisions, accrual calculations and other accounting estimations.
    • Creation of an auxiliary registry of tangibles, to have a correct control above amortizations of the investments made by the Company.
    • Conciliation between the accounting and the bank records.
    • Documentary order and classification for the correct identification of all the accounting entries.
  • 2- The production of the annual accounts on its closure and deposit
    • From the accounting records and according to the Law requirements, elaboration of the annual accounts at the end of the exercise;
      • Balance sheet
      • Profit and loss account
      • Changes in the net worth
      • Memory
    • Complementation and presentation of the documents and models required by the legislation; including the annual accounts deposit to the company register.
    • Elaboration of the minutes of the Board and the Ordinary General Meeting related to the annual accounts.
  • 3-Declaration and liquidation of direct, indirect and communal taxes
    • Reading of the financial statements in a fiscal way.
    • Study of mechanisms of fiscal optimization of direct (corporate income tax) and indirect taxes (IGI)
    • Accounting-fiscal conciliation
    • Preparation and presentation of declarations-liquidations and payments related to the corporate income tax.
    • Preparation and presentation of the declarations-liquidations of the general indirect tax (IGI)
    • Do the log books of the emitted and received receipts of the general indirect tax
  • 4- Fiscal information
    • The legal modifications of the taxation area require a rigorous and efficient tax management

IS 21 will maintain you informed of the news and changes in the regulations and it will suggest you more effective solutions.


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