TAX Andorra will help you create your company in the Principality. With this company creation pack the following is included:

  • Application for the authorization of foreign investment to the Government
  • Application for the reservation of the corporate name
  • Application to the Government for the authorization to form the company. The social statutes draft, the founding members and any other paperwork needed also have to be attached. If the Government replies with administrative silence for a month (counting from the day the application was delivered), the authorization is approved.
  • Authorization of the Government. In order to register a private limited company it is mandatory to pay 395€ and 562,77€ (included in the price) for the authorization and an annual tax of 801,70€ (not included in the price)
  • Public documents. Once the authorization of the Government is obtained, the public documents of the company are given in front of an Andorran public notary to form the company.
  • The registration in the Register is mandatory and the company achieves legal personality from its registration.
  • Processing of the taxpayer’s registry number. (TRN)

Tax register inscription: Needed for the Corporate Income Tax and the General Indirect Tax.

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